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“Hiring a proofreader saves you time and grants you peace of mind knowing your content is perfect and ready to post, present, or publish.”

— Carmen Ganser, Instaproofer Founder

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We specialize in human proofreading services for social media and blog posts, emails, essays, and web pages. We proofread papers for students, businesses and nonprofits, marketers, copywriters, software developers, realtors and more. We polish all great content so you can show your best work, whether for your classes, at your workplace, or on your website. And we do it for you in record-breaking time!

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“Quick turn around and excellent results. Very happy with the work.”

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Gabe G.

“My papers are so much better! I like how simple it is to submit my text to you. Thanks for the quick reply and really great work on my assignment. Carmen has been incredibly helpful and goes out of her way to show how much she cares. I know there’s lots of bigger proofreading websites out there, but the personal service is what really sets Instaproofer apart from the others.”

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Michael B.

“Thank you so much! This was an incredible experience. I should have contacted you sooner but I thought I could do it on my own so glad I asked for your help. You were very easy to talk to and helped me improve my ability to communicate by having more clear content. I would recommend you to anybody that has a project that they care about the work reflecting on their capability. I look forward to working with you.”

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Clay. G.

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We work with a variety of customers including students, small businesses, nonprofits, schools and universities, and people just like you.

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