Co-Creating Care Culture

We need to develop a culture of care.

In Care Culture, we think carefully about the words we choose to represent us, and we go back over our word choices to make sure those particular words communicate exactly what we intend them to. We remove glaring errors and typos that muddle up our message, and we revise for clarity, purpose, and audience. In Care Culture, we stop accepting sloppy as the standard. Instead, we carefully write content that is creative, unique, thoughtful, and productive.

It’s a good idea if:

● Students read back over their essays; most students just hit “print” without reviewing what they have written to make sure that it makes sense, that it fulfills the assignment requirements, and that it is free from spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes.

● Writers for news outlets and blogs send their articles before publishing to anyone else, but preferably to a good professional proofreader. I see many common mistakes, like the wrong article or transposed words, usually generated during editing and left behind.

● Website developers and website content writers hire proofreaders to help them create more seamless copy for enhanced user experience and customer satisfaction. Proofreaders can also go back over previously published web content; just polish and hit refresh!

● Businesses and nonprofits outsource proofreading for emails and memos, bios and blurbs, brochures, advertising copy, presentation slides, and legal documents. Basically, anything on which an error could and should still cause embarrassment is grounds for professional proofreading services.

● Anyone else I haven’t mentioned above who may be writing a family genealogy, blogging, or producing anything with words that someone else is going to see can benefit from professional proofreading, too.

Languages evolve, this is a fact. However, we have rules in place for proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics for our formal, presentable content that still work well for our current time and place. Let’s keep using these language rules for clarity and purpose.

Can we be silly in our messages? Absolutely, be as silly as you want to be, knock yourself out. Certain social media channels are perfect for your sillies. But if you are serious and posing serious questions and answers and want to be taken seriously, it’s a great idea to care about how you represent yourself through your public speaking and writing.

We should care about how we represent ourselves and how we are perceived publicly and privately. For clarity, communication, and cooperation, let’s create together a Care Culture, not just for what we write, but also for what we say and do. The world will surely be a better place because we all care!

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