Pro Tip #1: Do You Center On or Around?

Lots of people use the idiomatic expression “center around” when conveying information. I’m sure you’ve heard it and maybe you do it too.

For example, “The topic of this essay centers around the migration patterns of monarch butterflies.” 

Sounds right, right?

But it’s not logical to center (come to a point) around any object or idea. Rather, you can center on, center in, or center at something. 

If you’re hanging out with your friends and you do it; not a biggie, likely no one will notice. But when you’re writing or reporting content for public consumption, using the correct expression “center on” sounds like you’re a little more in-the-know.

If you want to seem really smart, use “center on.” Someone out there will think you’re brilliant and cool. And you are!

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