Our Story

Meet the Founder

My name is Carmen and I’m the founder of Instaproofer. I have been proofreading my students’, colleagues’, clients’, friends’, and family’s academic, business, professional, and personal work for 25 years, I’ve taught middle and high school English language arts for almost a decade, and I am a member of the San Diego Professional Editors Network (SD/PEN). My clients range from academics, business professionals, students, website owners, nonprofits, to realtors and more. I know the grammar and style of American English intimately, I am exceptionally gifted at finding flaws and spotting anomalies, and it is my deep desire to use my talent and experience to help you create beautiful content.

Why Instaproofer?

You need human proofreading services! Proofreading helps you post or publish clean content and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace because error-free text creates credibility. It shows your audience that you care and that is valuable. There’s no reason to produce great work only to have it marred by typos or missing words, diminishing your credibility. We want to fix that. We proofread any content — like websites, business documents, marketing material, real estate listings — and we’d love for Instaproofer to be a useful resource for anyone producing great material for businesses and nonprofits, media outlets, and other organizations.

Like you, I spend a lot of time reading online, and nearly every article and blog post I’ve seen contains at least one error and sometimes have several. Media outlets have trimmed down on proofreaders. Many writers face tight deadlines and need another set of eyes as there’s always something to catch. Others just don’t have the time. Most people would rather spend their precious time doing other tasks they are better at that will enhance their business and leave the proofreading to the professionals.

While developing my service platform, I noticed the other proofreading websites out there have a lot going on — including typos! — which clutters up their pages and overloads their audience with information. Here, the formula is simple: you plug in your piece of writing, we make it perfect and send it right back within hours. You meet your deadline. We quickly make any changes you need. With Instaproofer, you receive a personal boutique experience and friendly, professional service.

I hope you enjoy using Instaproofer and that you let your friends and colleagues know about us as well. We’ve streamlined the process to make proofreading services fast and easy for you.

Happy writing!

Carmen M. Ganser, Founder

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